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It Begins With Darkness

Darkness. In the beginning, when all was chaos and a formless void. In the beginning when darkness covered the face of the deep, the breath of God swept over the face of the waters. In the beginning—darkness.

God Save Us From God

God Save Us From God[1]        When the skies are dark and all around us seems chaos with the news in Ferguson, Gaza, Liberia, and the terror of ISIS, I am quickly reminded of our recent small group study, Surprised By Hope, a book and study by Bishop N.T. Wright.  Out of many things that […]

Don’t Worry

Don’t worry—because we are alive… Today, beginning with creation, God brings order from chaos. God creates, makes, forms, shapes, and triumphs… from nothing to something beautiful, and there is evening, and there is morning, and we are alive.

To Study or Not to Study?

When people ask me sometimes, are you liberal or are you conservative or progressive….I
just say, “Forget all those labels; I am just right!”
–Everybody thinks they are right…most of us try to avoid being wrong, to avoid even
appearing to be wrong.

This is a Human Issue

If you have not yet watched, please watch and listen.  This is the story I referenced in church on Sunday morning. It is easy to bring our own bias and filter, but the events at Ferguson this week are spectacles and hearing aids for us to better see and hear of a history of discrimination, […]

This Is My (Our) Son

From a mom at SOLPC: This is my son. He loves to play with Transformers, trains and Hot Wheels. He loves the color orange. He loves to eat anything sweet. There is nothing he likes more than swimming or going to the park. He likes church and Sunday school. He is so excited to start […]