Spirit of Life Presbyterian Church is located at 14401 Pilot Knob Road in Apple Valley, Minnesota. Our history was officially chartered by the Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area (PTCA) at an outdoor worship service in September 1996.  But, the history of this faith community started a few years earlier, when the Presbytery discerned a need for a new church development in Dakota County.  The site at 14401 Pilot Knob Road had been used as a church by another denomination prior to being put on the market.  The PTCA felt this was an ideal property, in an ideal neighborhood, to develop a new Presbyterian Church. An organizing pastor was hired, a steering committee was formed, and promotional and marketing processes were set in motion to pull together the nucleus of this emerging faith community.  Its first worship service occurred in November 1995. For the next 10 months, the charter members and organizing pastor worshipped together, created an organizational structure, and prayed to discern God’s will for the name and mission statement for this new faith community – culminating in its charter as Spirit of Life Presbyterian Church in September 1996.  In September 2021, we celebrated our 25th anniversary.

Rev. Rob Smith was installed as our current pastor in October, 2012. This is Rev. Smith’s first calling as a church pastor; we are blessed by his compassion, inclusivity and enthusiasm!

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  1. William R. Swaim, M.D.
    William R. Swaim, M.D. says:

    This history is unsatisfactory as it is presented. I am one of the charter members of SOLPC. I am somewhat dismayed that the names of our organizing pastor, David Sawyer, and subsequent ministers and interim ministers are not named until 2010, when the name of an interim pastor (one of several), Gene Orr appears. We have had some wonderful people giving our congregation guidance, pastoral care and enhancing our faith journey together. They deserve recognition. Please go back and insert all of the names out of due respect for their contributions to the life and progress of Spirit of Life.
    Thank you for making this needed correction!

    • Pastor Rob Smith
      Pastor Rob Smith says:

      Dr. Swaim, Also received your message on our website. As we plan for our twenty year anniversary in 2016, we have designated a historian to gather our story from the beginning to better share the exciting places we have been. As we recount the story, I will seek the wisdom of our congregation to update our history on the website. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Have a blessed Easter. Shalom, Pastor Rob


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