If You Need a Job Done Right: Advent Day 12

Luke 1: 26-38

You can’t make this stuff up.  Ask yourself, “If I were to write the story?”  God could have entered however God wants.  I would picture nothing less than Zeus with lightning bolts, bulging muscles, the finest castle, and a jewel studded throne.  Having a soon to be teenager, I would enter as thirteen–because I would be God–and know everything.  At least this would be past the diaper stage.

But God is God–and God gets to write the story.  A story of incarnation conceived with a poor, socially and religiously compromised single mom.  Think about that in all of our social commentary on who we bequest as good enough.  In our discussions on good enough for adoption, for marriage, for church…  And God chooses Mary–far from perfect Mary.

The miracle is this imperfect, outcast, marginalized woman is the perfect choice.  This strong, hard working, independent, and faithful woman.  If you need a job done right…

It is through the angel Gabriel that God taps on her shoulder and says, “Greetings!  You are going to have a baby, you will name him Jesus (meaning to liberate, save).  He will be great, the Son of the Most High, and Son of God.

And Mary says, “Yes”.  She says, ‘Here I am.’

Thankfully God does things differently. How powerful is that!  Amen.

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