Before, I Knew You: Advent Day 8

Jeremiah 1: 4-5

Jeremiah’s call shares that God is active and present in relationship.  And Jeremiah is present with God.  God’s presence is active from before birth.

Think of the checklists we are building, and the experience we try to craft to try to make Christmas something magical.  As if grander will become grandeur. The magic that transforms Jeremiah is an active presence of love and nurture. 

May we make this time of year less about doing, and more about being present.  Taking time to be present with God.  And taking time to be present with those we love.  This is the transforming power of God. 

In our busy lives, the best memories we have created so far with our children are the evenings where we have paused to enter into their lives and to play games with them.  Saturday night, there was still so much to be done, but we instead went out for hot chocolate and played games.  Christmas Carols were being sung and memories of being together will far outlast anything else we accomplish this season. 

Dear God, Thank you for being present.  Help us to slow down and practice spending time with you.  Help us to share the joy of Christmas with those around us.  Amen

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