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After Phillip meets Jesus, he cannot help but want to share the same invitation. COME. Discipleship begins with showing up. It is in showing up, that Phillip learns about invitation to meet Jesus and he then shares the same invitation. I cannot help but think about when this first became real in the depths of my heart and I couldn’t help but want to share this with other people. I want you to meet Jesus. It is from meeting Jesus that Peter, then Philip, and now Nathanael cannot help but want you to come and see for yourself.

Here I Am


It was in the throngs of our own civil war when Abraham Lincoln was asked what side God was on. Please consider the division that led to this as brother had turned against brother, and sister against sister. Abraham Lincoln replied, “Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side. My greatest concern is to be on God’s side. For God is always right! “

When Storms Come: Where Do We Find Hope?


Looking more globally the nationwide discourse around refugee resettlement has at times been discouraging. But again, my anger should be in solidarity with the people whose lives are actually at stake, who are fleeing war or persecution. My pride, and my desire to be right, to prove myself smarter than others in the debate, should not be a factor.

So ask yourself who is actually facing the threat. I’m not saying that it’s not you! I don’t know what you’re facing. But for me, the things that frighten about the world, and the things that stir up my righteous anger, I’m insulated from those things. Poverty, violence, discrimination, they’ve hardly touched me. I’m sheltered from those injustices, like Job’s useless friends, who I’ll get to in a moment. But so many others are like Job, praying for escape, praying to be hidden away until their trials have passed.

When Storms Come: How Do We Respond To Suffering?


And now with all this craziness going on in the world. A black man being shot by a police man right here on a street I have driven down, policemen being shot by a sniper in Dallas, 80 plus people mowed down by a truck driver with a gun in France, a crazy political race for President. Friends with serious illnesses some even terminal. A thunderstorm followed by a wind storm doing damage to homes. Serious flooding in northern Wisconsin. Destitute families in Peru with no heat, little water and meager food supplies.

Why Job? Why does the Bible include this book of complaints?

When Storms Come


I hear the voice of the servant that comes running to share the unimaginable. I hear the voice this week as we receive the news in our own community as Philando Castile is shot dead in a scenario where the hedge was breached a long time ago—and life lost through the hands of the one who was to be the protector. I hear the voice from the little girl in the backseat who tries to comfort her mommy saying, “It’s okay. I’m right here with you.” I hear the voice in the cries of the young son of Alton Sterling. I hear the voice as I see the scene unfold the shots begin to ring out—and as the protestors run for shelter, the police officers courageously run towards the gunfire. Protecting those protesting them. Protecting, twelve were shots and five died.

One Pulse


How are we to respond? Let us look for the rainbow. The beauty that is in all of the colors—distinct, vibrant, and beauty in each individual color. While the colors may blend as one gets close to the other, each is distinct.

How Long Will You Go On Limping With Two Different Opinions?


When I was first learning to ski—worse than the trying to learn how to stop—which for a long while was an uncontrollable fall– was getting off the ski lift– For at the same time my feet were beginning to touch solid ground, but my seat was planted firmly in the safety of a solid—yet moving bench… In there was that moment—that required transferring trust from my firmly planted seat—to my unconfident feet that were going to have to immediately go down a ramp— I remember the first time—in my hesitation—I couldn’t do it… and now I was back in the sky– with all yelling at me—and I jumped…

It Begins With Darkness


Darkness. In the beginning, when all was chaos and a formless void. In the beginning when darkness covered the face of the deep, the breath of God swept over the face of the waters. In the beginning—darkness.

Don’t Worry


Don’t worry—because we are alive… Today, beginning with creation, God brings order from chaos. God creates, makes, forms, shapes, and triumphs… from nothing to something beautiful, and there is evening, and there is morning, and we are alive.

To Study or Not to Study?


When people ask me sometimes, are you liberal or are you conservative or progressive….I
just say, “Forget all those labels; I am just right!”
–Everybody thinks they are right…most of us try to avoid being wrong, to avoid even
appearing to be wrong.