It is with tremendous excitement that I wish to share with you an introduction to our new music leadership at Spirit of Life.  Kyle and Kate are extraordinarily gifted as musicians and directors.  I am looking forward to sharing together on this road that God is leading Spirit of Life.

Kyle and Kate first met at the University of Minnesota: Twin Cities, where they both studied Music Education. Kate was a freshman from Eagan while Kyle was a sophomore, transplanted from Kenosha, Wisconsin. After sharing two conversations in four years, they each went their own way after graduation in 2009. Kate entered the music educator field by substitute teaching, volunteering and teaching private voice and piano lessons. At the same time, Kyle worked on his masters degree in trumpet performance as a graduate assistant at Michigan State University. When the two reunited, Kate was about to begin her position as a middle school choir director at Dakota Hills Middle School and Kyle was preparing for doctoral studies at the University of Wisconsin: Madison. For three years the two were separated by a four-hour commute, but their excitement to make the drive for each other kept them close. During those three years, the choral program at Dakota Hills grew annually, strengthening under Kate’s leadership. In Wisconsin, Kyle performed with several symphonies on a regular basis, taught lessons and classes at all age levels and worked on his dissertation, which was accepted enthusiastically and will be published this Spring.

Now, together after three years of individual growth, Kyle and Kate reside in Apple Valley with their two cats Lucas and Doodle. Kate continues to expand her program at Dakota Hills and teach a dedicated group of private students in the evenings. Kyle is actively seeking out both teaching and performing opportunities in the area while still maintaining his rank of sergeant in the Wisconsin National Guard Band (celebrating eleven years of service next month). Both Kyle and Kate are thrilled to be combining the musical talents that they’ve acquired over the years since they first saw each other in Ferguson Hall at the U. They are looking forward to making music at Spirit of Life and working with the wonderful congregation.

May you join me in welcoming Kyle and Kate and making them feel at home.